Wednesday, January 28, 2015

[Klenspop] NEO Vision Black Cat Circle Lens Review

The holidays were so hectic for me and after an onslaught of what seemed to be endless of family gatherings and other festivities, I finally am back to blogging! I am so sorry for the two-month long hiatus. I am finally back to blogging! 

For today, I am reviewing a circle lens sent by Klenspop, the NEO Vision Black Cat. They have asked me to choose among their wide array of circle lenses but for some reason I was drawn to this simple, black, circle lenses. I had a couple of gray colored circle lenses but never owned a black one. I chose this because I was so curious on how it would look against my naturally dark eyes already.

 For starters, the package came in a Klenspop customized box kit. The box is too cute, with a beautiful dolly face and  at the back of the box is a step by step guide on how to use and care for contact lenses - perfect for newbies! Giving Klenspop an A+ for that!

The kit includes a lens case, plastic lens tweezers and the pair of contact lens. The safety lens tweezers are actually good in picking up the lens from the case and arranging it onto your finger but I don't really use this since I'm so used to just using my fingers. (Always remember to handle your lenses with clean hands to prevent bacterial infection!)

The NEO Vision Black Cat vials are very pretty; featuring a stretching cat as it's logo. The same logo appears on the top of the vial where the lens power is indicated. Diameter for this lens is 14mm, with 38% water content and a base curve of of 8.4mm. Life span of this particular lens is 1 year. This lens is priced at $13 at Klenspop - not a bad price considering most lenses are priced at $18-$23 and that's without shipping fee.

The Black Cat lenses have a dark outer ring which would give this lens such a dolly effect. Against the white lens case, it seems like the color of the lenses are gray but against my own dark eyes, it was a deep black. It did widen the diameter of my natural eyes and it blended quite well. When I asked people around if they think I was wearing lenses with this on, the answer would always be no. This lenses look so natural that the only difference was that my eyes looked bigger. You can't even see the pixelated design once these lenses are worn.

For those looking for a bright, over-the-top, crazy looking lenses, this one is definitely not it especially if you have naturally dark eyes. For someone who have a naturally different eye color, say, blue or green, this might give you a different subtle effect.

I personally really like this pair of lenses. They are comfortable to wear even after 12 hours. Out of all the circle lenses that I currently have on rotation, this is the one that I wear quite often because it's comfortable and natural looking.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥/5

I have previously reviewed for Klenspop, the G7 Barbie T501 in Brown. Click out the link for the review. Don't forget to check out Klenspop for their wide array of lenses and special promotions!

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fall 2014: Warm Gold Holiday Eyes

The holidays are here! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend! I surely had a much needed down time with my family and boyfriend. It was pretty much just a chill weekend, nothing too crazy.

So for today's makeup look, I'm putting up a warm and festive eye makeup perfect for the holiday parties that you might go to. The bae always asks me why I have makeup on on days that I do, well, the answer is easy, to make me feel good. Sometimes even a little bit of makeup can make you feel, awake and energized to get through the day. So here's a confidence booster, glam makeup look that will turn heads.

  • Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Foundation in Medium and Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Medium Beige - Mixing the two foundations for a perfect match, apply it all over the face. Lately I've been using my brushes to apply it on the face evenly and then I go in with a damp makeup sponge to blend out the foundation and concealer for a more natural look and a longer lasting makeup.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 25 - Apply it underneath the eyes to hide the dark circles.
  • 3CE Blush Duo in Peach Crush - Swirling a stippling brush on both colors, apply it on the cheeks and blend towards the back, allowing for a slight contour.
  • 3CE Lipstick in Vamp - I went for a plum lip color but you can also go with burgundy, cranberry or deep red lippies.
The eyes make look complicated but it's actually pretty easy. I'm trying to use mostly drugstore and Korean makeup for this eye look but of course you can always substitute with whatever you have on hand.
  • e.l.f. Eyelid Primer - Apply it all over the lids to prevent creasing of eyeshadows
  • Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Eyeshadow in Toast - Apply it on and above the crease area as a blending/transition shade. This will just warm the eyes and help the other shades blend easier.
  • L'Oreal 24 Hr Infallible Shadow in Eternal Sunshine - With a flat shadow brush, apply this all over the lids.
  • 3CE Blush Duo in Peach Crush - Take the orange shade in a fluffy blending brush and apply it on the crease area bringing it in towards the inner corner of the eye. Go back and forth until it is all blended out. With a pencil brush, take the same shade and apply it on the outer half of the lower lash line. Make sure everything is soft and blended out.
  • 3CE Single Eyeshadow in Saturn - With a smaller crease brush, apply this precisely on the crease also bringing it in towards the inner lash line and slightly bring this shade on the bottom lash line as well.
  • NYX Matte Shadow in Haywire - Apply this just on the outer V of the eyes with a pencil brush to give more depth.
  • L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black - Use this gel liner to tightline the eyes, as well as line the upper lash line into a wing and connecting it to the bottom lash line as well.
  • Red Cherry Wispy Lashes - Curl the lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes and apply falsies if you want a dramatic look.

And there you go! The key to this look is pretty much the blending of the eyeshadows. It does take time and practice, but once you nail it, you got it! ^^

I'm not sure if I will be uploading anything before the year ends so this might be my last one for this year, but I will greet you with the Winter 2014 series when I do put something up! You can always follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat for updates! -@urhappybunnie

Happy Holidays!

Much love,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Comelyco Aloe 95% Gel Review

For the last product I'll be reviewing for this month's BNT Beauty Box, it's the Comelyco Aloe 95% Gel.

I'm probably the last BNTGirl to do a review on this product and the others have sung high praises on this particular product but I've been holding it back and saving it for last because I was putting it through some tough experiment (well, probably not that tough, but you get my gist).

This product contains 95% organic aloe from Jeju, an island in Korea. This has no artificial colors, parabens, benzophenone, animal raw materials, PG, PEG and formaldehyde.

Aloe is just one of nature's gifts to us and it has so many uses and benefits. Among the probably endless list it is particularly known for are calming irritated skin, cooling sunburn, hydrating skin and scalp, reduces wrinkles, improves scars and good for digestion (when ingested). 

The gel is clear, no added coloring, unlike some of the aloe gel products in the market that I've seen. The tub typically smells like a freshly cut aloe which is very relaxing to me. The gel formula isn't too thick as well and nicely settles on the skin. My fellow BNT Girls Kim and Carina have a pretty good list of what you can do with this product but I was only concerned on proving 3 things: skin hydration, skin smoothing and improvement of scars. I've also seen Doris's review on this and how it greatly smoothed out her skin in 3 days so I was really positive about the results. 

For a good week, I've tried using it as a night time moisturizer and as a sleeping pack. After that I came to the conclusion that I sort of didn't like it. I'm not saying the product is bad, quite the contrary, it is very much effective in terms of hydration although I just don't like how it felt on my skin. Upon gel application, it is very cooling and soothing on the skin. I could feel myself relaxing. Using it as a sleeping pack, I applied a thicker amount of product on my skin, it took about 15 minutes for my skin to fully absorb it. Here's the thing I didn't like about it, whether used as a moisturizer, which I applied thinly, or as a pack, applied thickly, I don't like the tightening effect it has on my skin. Sure my face felt very smooth to touch but I so badly wanted to wash off my face because it doesn't feel like my face at all. I don't even know if I'm explaining this properly but I hope you get my drift here. My skin felt hydrated and dry at the same time. Ironic but that's how it felt to me. I think I'm used to feeling really hydrated when I notice my skin producing a little bit of oil especially because I have normally dry skin.

In the next experiment I wanted to see how well it would smooth out the bumps on my arms and improve my week old burn. I have been cooking a lot lately and I mindlessly touched a hot pot. Also, on the area where I had the burn, I've noticed a few bumps on the skin which I desperately wanted to get rid of. For 7 days I religiously applied the aloe gel on the area, day and night. At the end of 7 days I was fairly surprised on how light the scar has gotten and how the bumps and redness on my arms had smoothed out. 

The scar is pretty much still there but it has indeed greatly improved. My body is pretty bad with scarring because it would take me a long time to get rid of such. Most of the time it would take me an entire year to get rid of a small burn and probably a good 2-3 months for an acne scar. Seeing the improvement of the scar in just 7 days is pretty much amazing to me.

I really like this product for calming my skin and scar improvement. I see this as another summer must-have for when my skin is badly burnt. I'm not so fond of this as a moisturizer although it does a pretty good job of skin tightening so it helps in preventing and improving wrinkles. I have also resulted to using this as a wash off mask instead of a sleeping mask. I really just can't stand having a tight face throughout the night. 

Overall, I give this product an 8/10! If you come across aloe products, give it a chance and try it out, you just might like it and it might help you solve your beauty and body problems because of it's benefits and uses. 

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hair Update: I Cut My Hair!!

For all of you gals who have been following me for awhile you've seen me with my long hair in almost all of my makeup looks. And you probably have noticed this hair change a couple of blog posts ago when I did some review posts for BNT.

I've always been quite anal with my hair to the point where I spend a lot of money, time and effort to keep it looking nice, long and (fairly) healthy. I have an in-depth hair care routine post which I did over the summer which I will link (here) so you would have an idea how much I care for my hair.

For 4 years I've been wanting it to reach my butt, however, I've been trimming at least two inches each month to keep the ends healthy thus, I never quite reached that point. Before cutting it, I was only 4 inches short of it reaching to the desired length.

I've been wanting to do a major hair change for quite awhile now, which at first, resulted me to dyeing it red. I've never had red hair before so it was a big change for me at that time. I always had my hair black, brown or a lighter shade of brown. 

I eventually got pretty sick of looking at red hair after two months of having it and then decided, hey, what if I just chop my hair off? I've been asking my boyfriend how he would feel about me cutting it and I even showed him old pictures of me having short hair. He really likes my long hair so he told me to do whatever I want with it but not do an extreme cut.

Well, lo and behold, I chopped practically all of my hair!

What and who really triggered me to cut my hair was my blogger friend and fellow BNT Girl, Kim! She inspired me so much when she cut her beautiful mane down to shoulder length and then a week later she surprised me (and everyone on Facebook and blogger) with an even shorter do!

She looks amazingly fabulous with her hair and I so badly wanted to do it. At the end of the week after seeing her extreme hair makeover, I finally took my tools and started cutting my own hair.

Yes, that's right, I cut my own hair! I'm no expert at cutting hair but I'm fairly confident at cutting my own hair. I'm also cheap when it comes to hair cuts so I've always trimmed my hair.

I went from this long....

May 2014

July 2014

August 2014

To this!

I really like having my hair curled too so it always seemed shorter than than how it really was because of the curls but I had really long hair.

I cut the front part of the hair short and have longer layers on the back. I have been keeping the longer layers away from the face to give an illusion of an extremely short do. 

Why keep longer layers? One, I can't cut the back of my hair by myself. Two, I need at least a little bit of hair around my neck area because of the weather to keep me a tad bit warm. And lastly, I like having longer hair down my back because I keep missing my long hair. Plus, having  longer layers makes it so easy to style my hair in different ways too!

I've shocked so many people with my hair change but I really love it! I'd be lying if I say I don't miss my long hair, because I really do, but this has been a much needed change for me. And I've been loving the red hair (which I grew tired of early on) too because of this.

It will take a lot of time for my hair to grow back but hair is just hair and I'd be happy seeing it grow again in the coming months and maybe years! ^^

So yay or nay? What do you think?

Oh, and let me give a shout out to Kim who has been my inspiration for this makeover - it's her birthday today! Happy birthday Kim! ^^

Real Oh! Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser Review

Super fun face cleansing, was what I immediately thought of when I first tried this product out. 

This cleanser is a "luxurious creme, foams into a moisture rich lather to gently clean, calm and soften skin." Extremely fascinating for me since the first time I've tried a bubble cleanser was the BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser and I didn't quite get the foaming business part. As much as I liked the BRTC Bubble Cleanser, until now I can't quite figure out how to make it bubble easily with less product.The Oh Bubble Cleanser also promotes skin whitening and pore tightening which is always a plus for me since I'm always trying to find products that help my pores slim down. 

The packaging is so pretty. This lovely aqua color just gets me every time. If you don't know, it is one of my favorite colors. I'm a sucker for shades of green, blue and purple. I also love the pump on this bottle since you get such a perfect amount of product with one pump. Yes, one pump and it cleans your face really well. 

The Real Oh Bubble the Hayan GT-Cleanser is a product that lathers up into a foam kinda like a shaving cream, once exposed to the skin and oxygen. I love how this actually feels on the skin especially when I found out that it lathers quite well and even removes makeup. It doesn't quite remove extremely waterproof makeup but it does a good job of removing other makeup. The photo below is an example of how it lathers up although I didn't get a good job of taking a photo of it extremely foaming up. By the time I got my camera ready, the bubbles have dissipated. Anyway, that doesn't stray from the fact that this works extremely well beyond my expectations. It smells extremely good too! 

Fresh, clean, supple skin that feels really smooth is what you would get out of this cleanser. I haven't seen the whitening effect although I did notice skin tightening but no pore minimizing effect either. Oh well, I guess I just have to deal with my large pores.

In comparison to the BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser, the Real Oh Bubble Cleanser trumps it. For one, the BRTC Cleanser is a deep cleanser, which is meant to be used after regular face cleansing. I guess, you can use the Oh cleanser first and go with the BRTC afterwards for extra foamy goodness. Also, I found it hard to make the BRTC foam up and I have to use several pumps to get it to the lather I wanted but with Oh, it was so easy and all it takes was just one pump.

These are my thoughts on the Real Oh Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser! Enjoy lathering up! This product is available on GMarket for $30 which is quite pricey but well worth the money for a 120 ml bottle.

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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Doctorcos High Liquid Next Generation Blocker Review

Harmful UV rays? Say bye to that with Doctorcos Next Generation Blocker. A sun block in liquid form. Yes, liquid form, not aerosol spray nor lotion that we are all so familiar with. 

The High Liquid Next Generation Blocker claims to not only block UV rays, but supply the skin with pure protein for skin activation and protection. I'm guessing the last part of that claim is what "protein in reached" meant. (Dotorcos you really should do something about the grammar - it is protein enriched.) It has SPF 30 PA++ which is quite high than the other sunscreens I've used. 

Aside from a couple of English grammatical print errors, which you can definitely forgive, this product is quite awesome in my opinion. It is truly in a liquid form and is very runny when sprayed on the skin, however, it's not messy and it does sink in fairly easily and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue unlike most sunblock. 

The thing I absolutely don't like about sunscreen is that certain SPF smell that even foundations with SPFs have. In fairness to this product, though it smells like sunscreen, it is not offensive and very tolerable... well, at least for me.

Although, it is given that this product has an SPF 30 PA++, I'm not so sure how well it protects the other parts of the skin under extreme sun exposure since this came to me at a very wrong season to test. It is fall season over here and I have been avoiding going out since it has been pretty cold and the weather has mostly been gloomy rather than sunny. I must give props to this product because at the time I've used it on my face underneath makeup and went out under a pretty warm fall day, it didn't make me feel icky and gross. My makeup didn't melt as well and it stayed pretty much in place. As I said, I can't really tell you how effective it is as a sunblock and protect you from getting dark, but this is A-Ok to me where texture and feel goes. 

Products with SPF tend to give you a white cast especially in flash photography so I just had to take some photos to see if it is true with this product. A comparison photo above is shown of my face with and without flash and I think it is pretty decent. Even with flash, the color of my face still matched my neck and there isn't any visible white cast. I do appear dewy and I have to say it's not the sunscreen, but the foundation I used which has a natural to dewy finish. 

I am gonna save this product for next summer since during the fall and winter I prefer using intensely hydrating moisturizers underneath my makeup (with or without SPF) just because of my dry skin. I would definitely get so much use out of this sunscreen from Doctorcos when I'm out and about in the summer especially when it reaches 70-100 degrees out. I actually can't wait for that weather, but until then, this is going to my summer must-have bin! 

Highly recommend this product! Oh, and before I forget, I have also reviewed the Doctorcos Sheet Free Mask before which is another awesome product from the brand. :)

*This product was sent to me for review but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.
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